Dennis presented to his peers at the Loughborough Seminar and demonstrated segmented wood-turning. The lively session included video clips on how to machine and glue up two types of composite bowls. He demonstrated turning an open segmented vessel - the delegates in the front row were quite apprehensive that it would break-up - of course it didn't.

He showed a recent bowl he had made from pure Corian (the resin-based material used for kitchen worktops). The bowl was made from 80 segments of Corian glued together. The Corian offcuts were donated by a local kitchen worktop manufacturer. The finished piece was surprisingly heavy - like marble - and had a tactile satin finish.

Dennis' Segmented Candlesticks were selected in the Instant Gallery for inclusion in the AWGB Road-Show and picture gallery.

 Segmented Candle Sticks    Ash & Ebony 
 Corian Bowl     
 Evolution ll - triple helix   Ash and brass 
 Skeleton Lamp    Ash